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MB-2011 - The Unlock Solution for your Taito G-NET




developed using spASM from Hitmen/Silpheed


GNET Flasher Windows XP/Vista

Click picture to download G-NETFlasher 1.70 for Windows XP,VISTA and 7


G-NET MB-2011 Complete Set:

1x Taito G-NET JAMMA (15kHz) pcb updated to MB-2011 Bios

1x GNETFlasher Windows Software

1x Compact Flash Card (Sandisk 64MB)

1x PCMCIA Compact Flash Adaptor


G-NET MB-2011 Update Kit:

Send your pcb and we will update & send back:

1x pcb updated to MB-2011 Bios

1x GNETFlasher Windows Software

1x Compact Flash Card (Sandisk 64MB)

1x PCMCIA Compact Flash Adaptor


Some Feedback:

I received the Modded Gnet over the weekend.... WOW ITS INCREDIBLE! I'm having an absolute blast with it so far! Every game works great, and the flashing software is perfect, exactly how I imagined it would be!

I recieved board after getting back from holiday. Fantastis! thank you very much it's awesome :-)

The System works like a charme...

G-net system ist wirklich eine runde sache!

TOP Ware, besser geht's nicht !!! Vielen Dank

works great in my Taito Egret :-) Love the games

Tausend Dank! Die Platine ist der Hammer!

I've tryed this week the board and it's fantastic ^_^

This makes me so happy I can finally play Raycrisis! YOU ARE THE MAN! 


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Green Titles in the List were ported from us to Taito G-NET and are fully playable!

Click here for more info.

Taito G-NET Game List
Aero Fighters Special 1996 Shooter V
Brave Blade 2000 Shooter V
Chaos Heat 1998 Action H
Chaos Heat (World) 1998 Action H
Flame Gunner 1999 Action H
Flip Maze 1999 Puzzle H
Fighters Impact (ver.1 / A) 1997 Puzzle H
G-Darius (ver.1 / 2) 1997 Shooter H
GoByRC 1999 Race H
Kollon 2003 Puzzle H
Kollon CF 2003 Puzzle H
Mahjong Oh 1999 Mahjong H
Night Raid 2001 Shooter H
Otenami Haiken 1999 Puzzle H
Otenami Haiken Final 2005 Puzzle H
Otenki Kororin 2001 Puzzle H
Psyvariar Medium Unit 2000 Shooter V
Psyvariar Revision 2000 Shooter V
Raystorm 1996 Shooter H
Raycrisis 1998 Shooter H
RCdeGo 1999 Race H
Shanghai Matekibuyu 1998 Puzzle H
Shanghai Sangokuhai Togi 2002 Puzzle H
Shanghai Shoryu Sairin 2002 Puzzle H
Shikigami No Shiro 2000 Shooter V
Soutenryu 2000 Puzzle H
Sonic Wings Limited 1996 Shooter V
Space Invaders Anniversary 2003 Shooter V
Super Puzzle Bobble 1999 Puzzle H
Super Puzzle Bobble (World) 1999 Puzzle H
The Block Kuzushi 2001 Mahjong H
Usagi 2001 Mahjong H
XII Stag 2002 Shooter V
Zoku Otenami Haiken 2000 Puzzle H
Zooo 2004 Puzzle H











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