Another dream came true, start of 2011...

We decided to bring some classic games from other PSX based arcade platforms (like Tecmo TPS, Atari PS, Taito FX-1B) to the great G-NET platform. Several problems were solved to get ROM based games from Sony ZN-1 hardware, running on Flash card based G-NET hardware. Several differences in SPU handling complicated things in the first steps. Finally all problems were solved and the first games are released. Country changes or game selections are stored persistent into nvram.

Another PRIMAL surprise is maybe coming later this year...

Available for registered Modbios customers only.

G-Darius Ver.1 / Ver.2  (Taito 1997), Horizontal Shooter



Raystorm  (Taito 1996), Vertical Shooter


Fighters Impact  (Taito 1996), 3D Fighting


Brave Blade (Raizing 2000), Vertical Shooter, No music due missing YMF271 IC, Sound FX only



Aero Fighters Special / Sonic Wings Limited (Video System 1996), Vertical Shooter


Shanghai Matekibuyu (Sunsoft 1998), Puzzle

The Block Kuzushi (Tamsoft, 2000), Breakout Clone

Flame Gunner (Gaps Inc., 1999), 3D shooting