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updated 05/2021: UNIVERSAL JVS2JAMMA (play Jamma in JVS-CABINET, 9 Buttons per Player, -5V for old pcbs)


updated 05/2020: SEGA NAOMI F355 Challenge 1 & 2 cracked - 2 in 1 carts possible

updated 01/2020: NINTENDO VS. PPU-CHANGER (change any VS-PPU to another)

updated 01/2020: NAOMICF-2020 Sega Naomi Compact Flash Adaptor (GDROM replacement)

updated 01/2019: NAOCHITRI Sega Naomi/Triforce/Chihiro SD-Card mini netboot-loader with a lot of features NEW!!!

updated 01/2019: DOKI DOKI IDOL STARSEEKER Sega Naomi 1/2 cartridge, G.REV 2001

updated 01/2018: SEGA MODEL2/3 unprotected romsets (no security board needed): Pilot Kids, Zero Gunner, Scud Race etc

updated 08/2016: Fixed DMA loading in AW2NAOMI Conversions, 100% AW2NAOMI conversion now possible, new games coming

updated 04/2016: SUSHI-BAR (ATOMISWAVE Prototype Game) on NAOMI 1/2 cart ready

updated 12/2015: DARIUSBURST ANOTHER CHRONICLE (Arcade) on Taito Type X2 (1GB RAM, JVS)

updated 11/2015: CAVE SH3 CV1000B/CV1000D pcb RGB color problem repair

updated 09/2015: NAOMI 1/2 multigame cartridges on request (2 games on 1 cart, also GDROM games), modbios needed

updated 02/2015: MAME/Emu on Taito Type X1/X2, with JVS support, play CPS1,2,IREM,PGM,CAVE and all classics READ FAQ HERE

updated 01/2015: GAMEBOX 761 in 1 SSD kit (compact flash 8GB)

updated 01/2015: AVAILABLE NOW: SEGA CHIHIRO, TRIFORCE compact flash adaptor for standard CF cards and normal DIMM

updated 12/2014: NEW: SEGA NAOMI 1 and 2 Modbios 1.11 (JPN/USA/EUR/KOR - DIP Switch 3/4), MULTIBIOS!

updated 12/2014: Sega Naomi1 Dimm board firmware update BIOS (to 4.02), INTERNAL USE

updated 12/2014: Any Konami M2 game to POLYSTARS conversion ready

updated 09/2014: OTOMEDIUS (GRADIUS successor, Konami 2007) for Taito Type X1(512MB) & X2 (Full Jamma support)

updated 09/2014: NEBULAS RAY (NAMCO-NB-1 Jamma) Namco 1994 conversion, a great shmup!

updated 05/2014: Chase HQ2 (Taito, 2006) available NOW on Taito Type X2 SSD

updated 04/2014: DEATHSMILES 2 on original pcb-hardware with full JVS support

updated 03/2014: TAITO TYPE X2 15Khz Mod, added Tetris Grandmaster 3 to multigame SSD with joystick driven select menu!

updated 02/2014: DEATHSMILES II (CAVE, 2009) on TAITO TYPE X1/2 (full JVS support)

updated 01/2014: KETSUI ARRANGE 1.51 PGM slot system cartridge ready

updated 01/2014: BEE STORM (PGM) any cart version to JAP (or other) country ROM ready

updated 11/2013: Seibu SPI mainboard country code change/update/repair service

updated 09/2013: Atomiswave 4 in 1 Sega Naomi cartridge with Dolphin Blue, KoV 7 Spirits, GGX 1.5, Hokuto available

updated 09/2013: Atomiswave on Naomi CF & CART: progress made! Dolphin Blue, DemoFist, GGX1.5 running 100% !!!

updated 07/2013: Taito Type-X Mame with JVS-IO board support coming soon

updated 02/2013: ESPGaluda & Ketsui PGM1 cartridges NOW AVAILABLE (check this review)

updated 03/2013: ESPGaluda & Ketsui hiscore save hack done

updated 02/2013: Capcom CPS3 desuicide service

updated 02/2013: PRIMAL RAGE II coming soon

updated 11/2012: Akuu Gallet / Air Gallet JAP Version rom ready

updated 10/2012: Star Soldier ALECK 64 ready (JAMMA playable)

updated 08/2012: Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou Black Label (DDPDOJ Black Label) PGM1 ROM ready

updated 08/2012: Taito Type X2 SSD 64GB solution ready

updated 06/2012: Any Naomi Game (GDROM also) on Cartridge possible

updated 01/2012: CYVERN Super Kaneko Nova ROM conversion ready

updated 09/2011: Super Kaneko Nova System Modbios released

updated 01/2011: New G-NET games available!


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